Less posting, more crafting.

Less posting, more crafting.

Wedding stuff is nuts. I have a lot of things to cover with string and spray paint over the next two weeks. Goals like posting daily or reading are out the window until March.

The newsletter will still be going out, because it’s brand new and I decided to start a brand new project like a few weeks before my wedding.

There may be a flurry of picture posts where I pretend that this is my Instagram account.

I’ll continue working on that short story, which my brain keeps trying to expand into a novella. That may not be the worst idea, considering that I want to turn this into my free download offering.

I got frustrated yesterday and ended up at Home Depot, and I left there with a bunch of spray paint and some PVC. There is so much bizarre stuff piled up in the craft area of my study right now. I’m constructing a thing that I forgot to rent from the linens place called a ‘pipe and drape.’ My theater-background fiancee and his best friend, M., the theater teacher, insist we need this thing, so I’m going to make the thing.

I also need to the creek down the road and gather up a pile of sticks, for spray painting and covering with beads. My mom is going to be so confused that there aren’t any flowers.

I’ll be spending the evening blowing up balloons and wrapping them with glue-soaked yarn to make cool decorations. I may be opening an Etsy store once all of this is over, just to get rid of all of this stuff.

I missed my word count goal for fiction yesterday, because I was doing a final edit of our wedding ceremony. That is a surreal thing to say. I like what we ended up with, though. Our officiant, who is a friend from the local burner community, also likes it. I managed to work in a joke about feeding guests to the stray cats wandering the venue.

Everyone who laughs at that joke will be assumed to be someone who already is or needs to become a fan of Welcome to Nightvale.

I still haven’t seen the new The Walking Dead. One of the few nice things about Twitter being nothing but politics these days is that I haven’t had to try very hard to avoid spoilers. Commentary on that if I have time tomorrow.

My tiny bits of escapism time are going to Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword at the moment. I never got around to playing that one in the early days of Wii, and it was on sale the other day in the Nintendo store. I like it a lot so far. I miss the old Wii games that effectively utilized the wand, it was such a good mechanic. The story telling so far is straight forward but fun. I want to play more video games, as one of my long term goals is to write them.

I should really be drinking more coffee, and maybe more wine, with the way I’m setting up my life.

Feature Image: Metropolitan Museum, Remigio Cantagallina, Asterion, from the series ‘Vessels of the Argonauts’ for the wedding celebration of Cosimo de’ Medici in Florence, 1608

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