OMG My Parents Will Be Here Next Week

OMG My Parents Will Be Here Next Week

Wedding stuff is starting to eat into my goals and such.  That said, I’m still going to be posting status reports on my goals semi-regularly. 

This is inspired by Wil Wheaton’s blog, where he has some specific things he is grading himself on monthly. Blogging publicly about it makes him accountable, and it works as a motivation tool. I’m not doing the letter grade thing yet, just mostly accounting where I’m at with certain daily or weekly goals.

Goals status:

  • Last week I did not read a book, but I did start reading an interactive novel, which is basically a Choose Your Own Adventure. It mostly counts.
  • I did, however, start churning out that short story, which is at 1600 words of prose, and about 4,000 words of notes
  • I missed my word count yesterday because of dealing with wedding stuff.
  • Wedding stuff is mostly taken care of, except for making decorations.
  • Twitter following rose from 500 to 572 over the weekend without doing much.

I have two blogs I want to write, one on further exploring how The Expanse is being adapted for television, and one on Hidden Figures, which I finally saw last night. I have some client work to take care of today as well, which is good, because client work is money. But I also need to make decorations, lots and lots of decorations. And clean the house, because holy shit, my parents will be here next week and my sister is staying with us.

There was a pause in typing just now because I got up to put some whiskey in my coffee. Because holy shit, my parents have come to visit exactly once since I moved to Austin in 2010. And my parents have never met my fiance’s parents; we’re not really sure what’s going to happen, but my money is on my mom if there’s a cage match.

Somewhere in all of this I need to start thinking about putting together a game using Fate Core for my RPG group. We take turns GMing, and mine is coming up. I’m tempted to do something in a space opera setting, as that’s where I’m writing fiction at the moment, but it might actually be confusing. A horror setting might be better; everyone was interested when I brought up World of Darkness and Vampire a few months back. I need to chew on that a bit.

I need to get started on this to do list, and hopefully start the week off by hitting all of my goals for the day.

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